Junk Removal in Aledo, TX

Aledo Junk Removal is a Full-Service Removal Service. We offer services for picking up just 1 item, Exterior Structure Removals and Complete Clean-outs of any size property. If you have a project you are needing help with, feel free to reach out!  We offer free estimates, friendly service and the best price would can possibly offer. 

Located in Aledo, TX

We Service the following Counties:

Parker, Tarrant, Wise, Johnson
If you are outside of these counties, feel free to contact us. We do operate outside of these counties for larger projects. Our rates do vary slightly by location.

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Single Item Removal


Whether you have a single furniture item or appliance that's gone out. We have minimal charges for the areas we service. Call or Message us on Facebook!

Complete Clean-outs


Sometimes buying a house means the sell the left a lot of remaining junk to be removed. Garage Clean-outs to Rental Properties to Foreclosed homes -- We do it all. Whether you need Junk Removal in Aledo or Appliance Removal in Weatherford, Call or Message us for a quote!

Structure Removal


Aledo Junk Removal loves doing structure removals! Sheds, Decks, Fences, Playgrounds and more! We disassemble, load up all of the debris, clean the area and haul the materials out for recycling and disposal.


16ft Trailer, 4ft Cage, Hauling Junk in Aledo, TX.

We charge by Volume

The main factor in our pricing is the total volume of the junk we removed and loaded.

Full Trailer - 16ft x 6ft x 6ft - 21.33 Cubic Yards

We charge by Type of Material

The weight, disposal cost and difficulty can range quite a bit for different types of materials. The type of junk is also a factor in pricing our Junk Removal Services.

We charge according to Ease of Access

Ease of access is factor in our pricing as well. We can perform the exact same removal at two different properties and there be a world of difference, making things very inefficient for the success of our team.

We charge according to The Location

We are located in Aledo, TX. We offer special rates for those in Aledo & Willow Park, TX whom are close by. This factor is very small and does not change the cost much.


Whether it be donating items where they are need or recycling the materials from the junk we remove, we make sure as little refuse as possible, actually see's the landfill.


We honor our most important folks by honoring 10% off. Thank you!

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Aledo Junk Removal

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